At American Corporate Security, we ensure our clients’ standards for personal and professional conduct are upheld while successfully executing protective operations.

Our security services cover a range of functions in today’s demanding security-oriented facility environment. As a professional, experienced, and trusted security company, we go above and beyond to support our clients’ security service requirements which include, but are not limited to, the following functions:

American Corporate Security provides security for Warehouse and Distribution facilities
  •  Protecting secure areas against unauthorized access
  •  Staffing fixed security stations
  •  Patrolling designated security areas and points of security interests
  •  Checking security repositories and areas during non-working hours
  •  Apprehending unauthorized persons or vehicles in security or controlled access areas
  •  Preventing access to secure areas
  •  Preparing required orders, instructions, and reports in connection with administrative security functions
  •  Manning screening stations and operate alarm monitoring and emergency control centers
  •  Traffic control; control issuance and storage of keys
  •  Respond to security, fire, utility, access control and intrusion detection systems
  •  Observing for building rules and regulations compliance
  •  Reporting hazardous conditions
  •  Responding to injury or illness
  •  Maintaining procedures and capability to respond to civil disturbance and other emergencies
  •  Respond to and implement procedures for emergency assistance
  •  Make inspection tours in accordance with written procedures
  •  Trained to deal with the public
  •  Educated on the changing laws and customer needs

We offer both Union and Non-Union officers for full time 24/7 security as well as temporary officers for short term operations.  Contact American Corporate Security, Inc. to schedule your professional security survey.