Delivering quality professional security personnel for high-rise offices and commercial buildings can be a daunting task for many companies.

At American Corporate Security, Inc., our management and supervisory staff boast extensive experience in this field. We recognize that property managers and owners seek exceptional service from their security provider, and we strive to deliver just that.

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Commercial and Office Security

To ensure our officers are well-equipped to handle the unique demands of the high-rise and commercial building industry, we offer a fully customized training program. This training covers critical areas unique to the high rise and commercial building industry such as emergency preparedness, crowd control, fire warden, and other specialized programs. Our commitment to providing comprehensive training ensures that our officers are equipped to handle any situation that may arise, allowing our clients to have peace of mind knowing that their assets and personnel are in capable hands.

American Corporate Security, Inc. is ready to assist you in providing your tenants and customers with the highest level of security and safety.

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