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Warehouse and Distribution



American Corporate Security, Inc. provides an effective and highly motivated protective force of supervisors and security officers to meet your Warehouse, Distribution and Retail Facility needs. We accomodate our client's standards for personal and professional conduct and successfully accomplish protective operations, which include, but are not limited to, the following functions:

  •  Protecting secure areas against unauthorized access
  •  Staffing fixed security stations
  •  Patrolling designated security areas and points of security interests
  •  Checking security repositories and areas during non-working hours
  •  Apprehending unauthorized persons or vehicles in security or controlled access areas
  •  Preventing access to secure areas
  •  Preparing required orders, instructions, and reports in connection with administrative security functions
  •  Manning screening stations and operate alarm monitoring and emergency control centers
  •  Traffic control; control issuance and storage of keys
  •  Respond to security, fire, utility, access control and intrusion detection systems
  •  Observing for building rules and regulations compliance
  •  Reporting hazardous conditions
  •  Responding to injury or illness
  •  Maintaining procedures and capability to respond to civil disturbance and other emergencies
  •  Respond to and implement procedures for emergency assistance
  •  Make inspection tours in accordance with written procedures
  •  Trained to deal with the public
  •  Educated on the changing laws and customer needs

Today's rigorious security-oriented facility enviroment needs a security company that is professional, experienced, and proven the finest, time and time again. American Corporate Security, Inc. will go above and beyond to support your security service requirements. 

We can provide you with full time 24 hour, 7 day per week officers or we can provide temporary officers for Special Events, Fire Watches or any other short term operation.

Contact American Corporate Security, Inc. to schedule your professional security survey.